A&O‘s strategic steering group

The steering group has two main tasks. Firstly it will lead the strategic work by initiating what A&O should be doing and highlighting which areas can benefit from a player like A&O. As part of the work with strategic steering it is important to identify situations where A&O should be visible or to highlight new inquiries which touch on A&O's fields of interest. Secondly the group will work with strategic influence and the spread of knowledge and research results.

The steering group representatives can take with them and spread A&O's message on several levels, both to the representatives' own organisations but also outside of these.

The aim is to open the eyes of the social partners, politicians and other decision makers to workplace learning and its importance to individuals, the organisations and society's development and to help create better conditions.


Members of A&O's strategic steering group:

Ulf Westerberg, process leader, Senior development advisor

Gunnar Anderzon, Developer, department for learning and labour markets, SKL (the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions)

Svante Bylund, Head, labour development unit, IF Metall

Fredrik Gunnarsson, Responsible competence  support, Industriarbetsgivarna

Filis Sigala, commissioner, labour life unit, LO