Göteborg University. Photo Göran Olofsson

The University of Gothenburg

Particular attention is given to various forms of organizing and conducting vocational training as part of lifelong learning.

The background to the University of Gothenburg's participation in A&O is many years of research on adult learning at the workplace and when preparing for the workplace. The connection to workplace learning and the changes in working life are mainly within the area professional and vocational education. Vocational education, vocational didactics and supervision in work and education are key elements in the research.

Validation and recognition of real skills is another area that has been identified by the Centre for Vocational Skills and Knowledge. Among other things, it is about description categories for skills and qualifications based on NQF (the National Qualification Framework).

The continual changes and restructuring that occurs in working life stimulates the development of research, education and collaboration. The Centre for Vocational Skills and Knowledge works interactively to a great extent, with people and organizations outside of academia. In particular through the reference group which is associated to the centre, where the social partners are represented.