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APeL Research & Development is a national centre for interactive and critical research on workplace learning, growth and regional development. The company is owned by a foundation and works closely with universities and university colleges, as well as with the business community and society.

In an ever-changing labour market, new challenges need to be explored and evaluated. APeL is an innovative research and development environment which focuses on new forms of learning and competence while, at the same time, ensuring these relate to working life/real life.

APeL works with various types of development assistance, evaluation and interactive research at local, regional and system levels.

Development assistance may mean that APeL, in cooperation with a business activity, organizes integrated learning and helps to develop strategies for learning and competence development. The goal is to take advantage of the expertise that is found in an organization, develop the business activity and improve collaborations between operators in order to foster innovative processes. 

APeL also runs professional competence development projects and development programmes financed by EU funds. This may involve regional initiatives which analyze opportunities, stimulate entrepreneurship and build innovative environments for researchers and industry. In order for the initiative to be rewarding, APeL contributes with its knowledge of networks, how to strengthen partnerships and stimulate innovation systems.

The research will provide the participants with a deeper understanding and a personal insight into their own work.

The research also aims to specify the relationship between effort and results, and also to reveal spurious correlations and circular reasoning.

The research will provide the participants with perspectives and critical distance. It will also act as an antidote to trends and simple solutions.